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Drive growth, build your brand and 'open doors' using content marketing


Get the proven, step-by-step system we developed after spending more than $500,000 on content marketing

"Sujan is one of those rare mad geniuses who is constantly tinkering with and innovating the mechanics of marketing. He helped me discover game-changing techniques that I never would have found myself, and which I now apply to my work almost daily. Partner with Sujan to upgrade your understanding of marketing in ways you never even thought of."

Jason Amunwa | GM of

Hey everyone,

I'm Sujan Patel. I'm the Co-founder of Web Profits Inc and I have 3 other SaaS companies - Mailshake, Narrow and Quuu

I've been featured in Inc, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, HubSpot and Entrepreneur...

I helped grow their website traffic from 7,000 to 45,000 visitors a month in less than 7 months...

I helped go from 20,000 to 750,000 visitors a month in 18 months...

"Sujan is the by far the most growth-driven marketer I've ever worked with. His aggressive go-to-market attitude redefines demand generation as a unique competitive advantage for the companies he works with, not just a growth strategy."

Chad Halvorsona | CEO of

And I generated over $1,000,000 in consulting revenue and more than 10,000 trials for my SaaS companies last year...

I did it all using content marketing.

And I'll be sharing the exact system I use for myself and my clients in my upcoming course - CONTENT MARKETING BOOTCAMP.

A blueprint for growing your business using content marketing

The Content Marketing Bootcamp is a 10-week training program where you'll discover exactly what you need to do to leverage content marketing to drive traffic, build your brand, generate leads, and drive sales.

Each week you'll receive a 60-75 minute video you can watch or listen to in your own free time. This video (along with the accompanying materials) will give you the exact steps you need to follow to leverage content marketing to achieve your goals.

"Sujan showed me a handful of content marketing tricks that helped me 3x our traffic. He definitely is the maestro of inbound marketing!"

Sezgin Hergul | Head of Marketing at

Here's a full breakdown of what's in the program...

Module 1

How to start creating powerful and lucrative content to drive business growth

You can write thousands of blog posts, but if they're not strategic and targeted to the right audience you'll never gain traction online. In the first week of the course, you'll discover several practical ways to find the right kind of ideas for your content... ideas that have the potential to grow your business fast, including...

Module 2

How the top 10% of content marketers boost their traffic, exposure and engagement

In module two you'll learn how to go 'beyond the blog post' and use advanced content to get an edge over your competitors. This sections covers...

Module 3

Create and publish incredible content... even if you hate to write

Most small businesses are incredibly hands-on and owners find themselves pushing 80 hour weeks just to get everything they need done. In module three you'll learn how to quickly and cheaply outsource your content creation and gain back precious free time to focus on other parts of your business. You'll also delve into customer 'personas' and learn how to create content that draws the right kind of customer (buyers) to your business. Some of the topics covered in module three include...

Module 4

The secret to creating epic content that gets shared and promoted

Believe it or not, all posts that get shared, liked, and promoted by online influencers, share 10 basic characteristics. In module four you'll learn what they are and how to leverage these characteristics to create marketing content that consistently builds website traffic, email subscribers and sales. In week four, you'll discover...

Module 5

How to find partners to help your business take a 'quantum leap' in growth

Module five is all about influencers. High-profile, popular individuals who can help your business attract thousands of new visitors with a single tweet or mention. You'll learn how to connect with them in a positive, non-sleazy way, and how to increase your chances of getting the help your business needs. Some of the tactics you'll learn in this module include...

Module 6

Build a 5-figure email list with these list building hacks

In module six you'll learn the same tactics I've used to build multiple five-figure email lists and what you can do to create a relationship with your list that is both beneficial for the reader and profitable for your business, including...

Module 7

How to refresh and repurpose old work into brand new viral content

What if you could take content you created years ago, make some slight tweaks, and watch as it attracts and resonates with a completely new audience, fetching you thousands of new leads? That's exactly what module seven covers. During this module you'll discover...

Module 8

How to track, measure and use data to attract more website visitors

Data is key to understanding your audience, improving your profitability and your reach. In module eight you'll learn to track and measure your content marketing, and how to find the insights you need to grow your business into a thriving, profitable machine. You'll learn...

Module 9

From Zero to 10,000+ visitors in 6 months - How to scale your website traffic

It's not talent that separates small struggling businesses from thriving online websites, it's processes - the ability to execute the same profitable action over and over again. In module nine you'll find out how to create repeatable processes so you can scale your business and lead generation on demand. These powerful ideas will free up your time and unlock the true potential of your business. Some of the key topics covered include...

Module 10

Revealed... Publishing 'Hacks' of a Wall Street Journal writer

If you've ever dreamt of being published in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, or Entrepreneur... here's how you do it. In this module you'll get a clear path to getting published in major outlets and unlocking all the traffic, attention and profits that attracts. Module ten includes...

As you can see, this is a comprehensive business training that shows you EXACTLY what you need to do to get results, no matter what your goals are.

"Sujan is a marketing powerhouse, He has deep knowledge growth and content marketing and uses that blend not only to grow his businesses but help others do the same."

Max Altschuler | CEO of

Get the latest strategies, tactics and hacks from people that do it every day

As you can see, the Content Marketing Bootcamp is extremely comprehensive. Over the 10 weeks you'll learn everything you need to know to truly master content marketing to drive growth for your business.

These are the same strategies I've used to generate over $1,000,000 in consulting revenue, generate more than 10,000 trials for my SaaS companies, help grow from 7,000 to 45,000 visitors per month in 7 months, and help increase profits by 900%. I usually charge upwards of $5,000 a month but today you'll be able to get access to these same cutting-edge techniques for a tiny fraction of that price.

Of course, you'll have to implement them yourself, or with your team. To be clear - some effort will be required. But if you commit to listening to the trainings AND taking action on the principles you learn inside the course, you will see your website traffic grow... your leads increase... and your business begin to thrive.

I know it's possible, because I do it every day.

"The content marketing knowledge he’s shared with us has made us a go to PPC blog in just a few months. Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard work, but so is anything worthwhile."

Johnathan Dane | CEO of

So how much does it cost?

How much do you think a business training courses like this tend to cost? $5000? $4000? $3000?

I've shopped around and found that most of the other comprehensive fluff-free business training courses out there cost at least $2000...

But you won't have to pay that much to access this training.

I understand that growing a business (especially in the early stages) is tough, and every dollar counts, which is why I've done my best to make it very affordable.

And I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that the course content is head and shoulders above what you'll find elsewhere (if you can find it at all).

"Sujan has a mind for marketing - from Growth Hacking to Branding and from SEO to Distribution - that is absolutely unparalleled. His marketing prowess is only exceeded by his entrepreneurial drive and his willingness to go the extra mile not just for himself, but for his clients, colleagues, and friends."

Lincoln Murphy | Chief Evangelist of

But before I get into how you can register for the Content Marketing Bootcamp, let me show you the bonuses you'll get when you invest in the course.

Bonus 1

Private Facebook Group

Every registration for the Content Marketing Bootcamp includes exclusive access to a private Facebook Group.

Access will give you the opportunity to swap strategies with other aspiring entrepreneurs, get new ideas for driving traffic to your website, and direct questions about content marketing directly to me in real time.

Bonus 2

Weekly calls for the first 4 weeks

The course breaks down the exact process of how to use content marketing to drive growth, however you'll probably still have questions throughout the process.

That's why you'll also get weekly group calls for the first 4 weeks where you can ask questions, listen to challenges others are facing, and get the support you need to achieve your goals.

Bonus 3

Direct access to me and my team

My #1 focus is to help you drive growth with content marketing. That's why I'm offering you direct access to me and my team to help you with implementation if you get stuck.

You'll be able to email me anytime you want and ask me to review what you've done, get advice, or just ask a question. I usually charge $400 per hour for consulting but you get this included with your investment (within reason, of course).

Bonus 4

100 Days of Growth

Register for the bootcamp today and you'll also get instant access to a digital version of my book: 100 Days of Growth.

You could spend a lifetime trying to sift through and digest all the blog posts, podcasts, guides, and case studies that exist online about growth hacking—or you could start taking action today. These 100 growth tactics were compiled based on strategies and techniques that Rob Wormley and I have used to help hundreds of clients move the needle and actually grow their businesses.

You’ll get access to an exclusive collection of 100 effective growth strategies and techniques that we’ve used to help businesses grow.

You’ll get to read about examples of real companies and people that have or are currently using these growth strategies to get ahead in their industries.

And you’ll get helpful advice on how to implement each tip, what tools to use, and where you can go if you need more help.

"100 Days of Growth book is seriously priceless. It’s one of the most actionable books I've ever read. I'm applying lots of the tactics in the book."

Abinav Thakuri | UX and CRO Consultant

Bonus 5

The Content Marketing Playbook

The book is written based on successful content marketing strategies and techniques that Sujan Patel and Rob Wormley have personally used to help hundreds of clients move the needle and grow their businesses.

You’ll get access to an exclusive collection of proven content marketing strategies and techniques that have been and continue to be used to help hundreds of businesses master content marketing and grow their businesses.

You’ll get access to our comprehensive list of preferred content marketing tools.

And you’ll get to learn how real companies and people have used content marketing as a tool to increase traffic, boost brand awareness, connect with influencers, and spark business growth.

"If you’ve been paying attention, Sujan and Rob are two of todays leading content marketers. They produce some of the best content out there day in, day out. The Content Marketing Playbook is no different and deserves to be on every Content Marketers digital bookshelf. It’s the definitive content on definitive content."

Ryan Gum |

Bonus 6

How to build a rockstar copywriting team

Copywriting is the heart of content marketing. With a good copywriter you'll reach more potential customers... connect with readers... and convert tire-kickers into your biggest (and most lucrative) fans.

Unfortunately, good copywriters are difficult to find, let alone work with... so in this bonus video you'll find out the exact steps you need to follow to assemble an all-star copywriting team.

Whether you're just getting started in content marketing and need to find a cost-effective freelancer, or you're ready to scale your team to reach a 100,000+ audience, this video will show you how to start attracting talent in this often overlooked industry.

Bonus 7

12 months free access to Mailshake

Top marketers pay US$9 per user a month to get access to this amazing tool, but register for the advanced version of the Content Marketing Bootcamp right now and you'll get one year of unrestricted access to Mailshake.

Mailshake is the easiest way to scale outreach for guest posts, content promotion, lead generation, link building and PR pitches. It's what I use every day at Web Profits and with my SaaS businesses.

"Mailshake is freaking awesome. At Paperform, celebrating users as individuals is core to our brand, and Mailshake empowered us to continue to engage personally despite rapid growth. Highly recommend."

Diony McPherson | Paperform

Bonus 8

'15-Minute' Expert Series

In this series of 15-minute videos, I interview marketers and entrepreneurs who have successfully leveraged content marketing for years. These Q&A style interviews are jam-packed with bite-sized tactics and inspiration you can implement immediately.

You'll learn how each person got started with content marketing, how they currently leverage content to grow their business, and tips and tricks they use to grow their audience and build momentum.

Featured experts include...

The library of interviews will continue to grow over the next 6 months. As I travel the world for speaking engagements I’ll be grabbing fellow speakers and experts and conducting even more interviews.

But this program isn't for everyone.

The strategies, tactics and hacks I'll be sharing work.. but only if you follow my instructions exactly to the letter.

You see, the key to making a profit from content marketing is maximizing every single part of the process - from the research, to the writing, promotion, and everything else thereafter.

Take just one thing out, and you could be damaging your performance by 70, 80 or even 90%.

So you need to be able to follow instructions.

You also need to be prepared to put in the work...

Sure, I'll show you the fastest way of getting there (and all the shortcuts I know) but at the end of the day, whether you win or not with content marketing will depend on how much work you put into it.

If you're looking to spend 15 minutes a week and get results, this isn't the program for you.

The strategies I share in this program are the same strategies I use to grow my companies... and you can do the same if you're prepared to follow instructions and put in the work.

"A good marketer gets you seen by your target audience. A rockstar marketer gets customers in the door begging to pay you. Sujan is a rockstar marketer!”

Ashli N. | Co-founder at

Which Content Marketing Bootcamp membership level is best for you?

There are two membership levels to choose from:

Content Marketing Bootcamp Advanced and Content Marketing Bootcamp Basic.

Here's more information on each of them so you can choose the membership level that's right for you.

Content Marketing Bootcamp ADVANCED

If you want to grow your business FAST, then Content Marketing Bootcamp Advanced is perfect for you.

Here's what you get:

Now it's time to choose the best payment option for you:

5 monthly payments of $249

(just $249 today)




If you have any questions, email us at

Content Marketing Bootcamp BASIC

If you're looking to get your content marketing off on the right foot, then Content Marketing Bootcamp Basic is perfect for you.

Here's what you won't get:

Here's what you'll get:

Now it's time to choose the best payment option for you:

5 monthly payments of $189

(just $189 today)




If you have any questions, email us at

Registration closes 11.59pm on Wednesday 26 April (Central Time)

If you put this decision off for too long, you could miss out on the one thing that could make all the difference to the success of your business.

And once registration closes, I'm not sure whether I will be opening it up in the future again.

Your 100% Money Back Guarantee

I don't expect you to just take my word for it, which is why I'm offering you a 100% guilt-free money back guarantee.

That basically means that if you're unhappy for any reason at all in the first 2 weeks, you can ask for a full refund of your investment in the program.

The only question I'll ask is what was it about the program you didn't like.

And it's guilt-free because I won't take it personally, and I won't make you feel bad for asking for your refund.

I won't ask you annoying questions. I won't bug you. I'll just process your full refund and get the money back to you ASAP. It can't get any fairer than that.

You'll get the first 2 trainings within 24 hours and then the rest of the bootcamp (including bonuses) after the guarantee period is over. That way, you can test it out for yourself and make sure it's exactly what you're looking for.

See you on the inside.

Sujan Patel

Sujan Patel
Web Profits

P.S. I'll be sharing strategies, tactics and hacks that I've never shared before. To get access to this course, make sure to enroll by Wednesday 26 April at 11:59pm (Central Time) because I'll be closing the doors at midnight and I might not open them ever again.